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Save the Earth Program

Imagine a world where forests flourish and oceans are full of life.Where energy is as clean as a mountain stream.Where everyone has security, dignity and joy.Where power is used to fight poverty and injustice, not people. We can’t build this future alone, but we can build it together. Nature always care about us while we are always forget our responsibility towards nature. we are very responsible about environment in our daily life, nature is living in very painful situation and telling his sadness in form of floods, draught, earthquake and so many environmental disease. we are providing treatment to environment of its disease by tree plantation, conserving water resources by conducting environmental awareness programs among peoples.

Old Age Home

CGMNPSVKS is a leading organization in India working with and for disadvantaged elder people. CGMNPSVKS advocates for their needs such as for Universal Pension, quality healthcare, action against Elder Abuse and many more at a national, state and societal level with Central and State governments. It advocates for elder friendly policies and their implementation thereof. A gradual increase of nuclear family has resulted in the decline in homes for our elderly people. There is a significant transformation of culture, social and psychology. With these complications of life and changing environment, the elder people in the society are facing difficulties to live peacefully.

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Social Activity Program

CGMNPSVKS organize many social activities in rural area .


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